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I have had the pleasure of working, in various roles, with very gifted artists, musicians and bands over the years. Each situation brought with it, a different challenge, but In the end they were all great, wonderful experiences.  To music. 
                           Come Inside by Pressure Point

It was a total joy to work on Come Inside. I was so happy that the band members put enough trust and faith in me to musically produce this cut and my dear friend Yvonne Jordan took a chance and released it on her label. 
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Life is Rhythm
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The Rhythm - L. Crawford
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Jus Us band at Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz
Lionel Crawford / Oscar Woods Project is Lionel Crawford on guitars, keyboards, drums, drum programing and music production and Oscar Woods on bass. The track was written by Crawford and Woods; two musicians who can easily engage in conversation using the language of music. The track, Looking For G, is a gem of a jam which the duo wrote and recorded at Blue House Studio. 

Crawford and Woods generated a shared, raw energy normally associated with live performances but captured it in a studio setting. The two finally thought it would be a good idea to finally share this track with fellow Funk-Rock lovers. No lyrics to contemplate, though some might try to find deeper meaning in the title; but it might be best to simply kick back and enjoy the musical conversation.
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Looking For G
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                                  Personal Touch

When I got the call to contribute some guitar work on the Better With Time studio sessions with Personal Touch I was ecstatic. I was playing guitar with the Jus Us Band at the time when fellow bandmates, vocalists Ray Baskerville, James McLoyd and Rex Greene decided to work on a side project which would incorporate remakes of vintage R&B songs along with a few originals. The project was tracked and mixed at Roxbury Station by sound engineer Marc Wager and produced by Personal Touch & Joseph Whalen. I definitely enjoyed playing on the Better With Time CD and I hope you enjoy listening also.
                   Seth Sharp featuring Lionel Crawford

Seth Sharp sent me a message from Iceland. He was working on some tracks and thought it would be nice if I had time to collaborate on a song called, Acceptable To Ourselves. I said, of course, send me what you have, because we have collaborated together, in the past, both in person and over the internet.  He dropped a rough stereo mix, wave file, into my inbox in the U.S. I dropped that into Logic Pro X and the collaboration was off and running. I really loved what he had put together so I was definitely inspired to added some guitar tracks. I also added some muted trumpet melody and solo parts utilizing my Yamaha Motif then sent that back to him. Seth edited, mixed, produced and released Acceptable To Ourselves on
Will Be Back Soon
Jus Us band at Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz