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Light here we are in the middle of it all and what a visually pleasing place to be.

About The Video A WimBash Moment 

I had an idea of putting a photo slide show together of several of the photographs I had taken over the years at WimBash so I text Doug Wimbish to tell him about the idea. Doug text me back, "you must be a mind reader". Doug was looking for something to show on the televisions throughout the venue. I got started on the idea. The final slideshow was given to Doug as a birthday present and has pictures of Doug with friends and family set to music from several recording he either performed on or produced. The version of A Wimbash Moment (at left) was designed as a tribute to Doug and WimBash 2013 and was uploaded to youtube. The frames move at a much faster pace and include mostly shots of musicians who performed at WimBash through the years. The music is by Kolateral Kontak.
is two and three dimensional, encompassing conceptual ideas, sparking a visual birth, allowing ideas to materialize, manipulating light, creating perspectives and perceptions, provocative thoughts, subtle nuances. Art is necessity. 
Pencil, Charcoal, Conte Crayon Drawings
Drawings done using Pencil, Charcoal and Conte Crayon 
Steel String Creation
Steel String Creation deals with short creative videos including music videos I developed or had the pleasure of working on. Most can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/bajanteecha/videos. Please check them out. 
Music Venues
     Can you catch the 
   soul of a musician, or
 the grace or style? Can you capture the light of the expression when Art won't     wait or compromise?
            - Teecha
(c) 2016 Lionel Crawford
Music Stills
This design was used on the digital re-release of Cropover by Teecha.
This shot was originally in color but was reduced to black and white because it worked in sync with the song Brother's Keeper.
This design for Behind A Truck, the second digital release from Teecha , used the same concept of using photos with slow shutter speeds.
I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the musicians who allowed me to take photos of them while they worked. 

This promo was put together to advertise a Soulful Passion show and Vibz. I slapped it together using an iphone with some edits in iMovie, then Mother Nature steps in with a nice little blizzard the night of the show. Well at least I had fun making this! That's Pat Thompson, Darryl Carter & Ralph Hunt.
Art Links 
Taken 10 December, 2012  Winter Nights in Connecticut. I was out doors taking photos in blizzard like conditions with like coming from the street lights and an occasional car.
Taken 8 January 2012. Cutting Through- Besides playing musical instruments, I also like to photograph them.
Taken 19 August, 2015 View from Baldwin Park. I was in Baldwin Park, Greenwich, CT to perform with the group The Jus Us Band as part of the summer concert series. I had some time before sound check so I grabbed my camera.