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Brother's Keeper. The first release from the forth coming CD, Songs For My Father. Available on itunes.com, Amazon.com and other digital outlets.
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Bridging The Gap Between People, Places, Culture & Time

Lionel Crawford / Oscar Woods Project is Lionel Crawford on guitars, keyboards, drums, drum programing and music production and Oscar Woods on bass. The track was written by Crawford and Woods. Two musicians who can easily engage in conversation using the language of music. The track, Looking For G, is a gem of a jam which the duo wrote and recorded at Blue House Studio. Crawford and Woods generated a shared, raw energy normally associated with live performances but captured it in a studio setting. The two finally thought it would be a good idea to finally share this track with fellow Funk-Rock lovers. No lyrics to contemplate, though some might try to find deeper meaning in the title; but it might be best to simply kick back and enjoy the musical conversation.
Simply put, we are interested in the vibe and emotional content of the music. A Funk bass with sprinkles of Rock, Blues and syncopated musical thoughts on top.
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Looking For G